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Course Fee - $350 ($300 if BIT is completed within 2yrs)

The purpose of this course is to develop NRA Certified Rifle Instructors who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course. It is designed to teach you how to teach others to shoot using the NRA lesson plans and training methods. This course is not designed to improve your shooting skills. Possession of basic firearms safety and/or shooting skills is a prerequisite for certification as and NRA instructor.

This 22-hour course includes the 2-hour Pre-Course Qualification, the 6-hour Basic Instructor Training Course and the 14-hour NRA Rifle Instructor’s Course.

Pre-Course Qualification:

1) Pre-Course Questionnaire
2) Pre-Course Qualification (Live Fire)

Included in the 6-hour Basic Instructor Training course are lessons covering:
(This portion is only required for New Instructors or those that have not taken it within 24-months)

1) How to Introduce a Speaker
2) The Instructor and the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program
3) Using a Training Team 
4) Training Materials and Training Aids
5) Organizing Your Course
6) Preparing to Teach

Included in the 14-hour Rifle Instructor’s Training course are lessons covering:

1) Introduction to NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course Outline and Lesson Plans
2) Teaching Rifle Lesson I: Rifle Knowledge and Safe Handling
3) Teaching Rifle Lesson II: Ammunition and the Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting 
4) Basic Rifle Instructional Method
5) Teaching Rifle Lesson III: Firing the First Shots
6) Teaching Rifle Lesson IV: Standing Rifle Shooting Positions
7) Teaching Rifle Lesson V: Prone and Kneeling Rifle Shooting Positions
8) Teaching Rifle Lesson VI: Sitting Rifle Shooting Position & Review of Positions
9) Evaluating and Improving Performance of Beginning Rifle Shooters 
10) Teaching Rifle Lesson VII: Rifle Sports and Activities
11) Rifle Instructor Examination and Course Conclusion

The materials and training methods used in this course were prepared and developed by the NRA through years of experience and constant modification to fulfill the needs of an ever-changing society. The instructors conducting this course are highly trained and are certified by the National Rifle Association.

You may use your own rifle for the pre-course qualification if you so desire. Preferably a .22 caliber with open sights.

CCWFLORIDA Firearm Training